Atamjeet Singh Bawa is an engineer by day at an IT company in Gurgaon.

He is a passionate paper modeller by night / weekends and when not playing with his gorgeous daughter.

The hobby of paper modelling started a few years ago, and the Papersmith ( as he is known on Fb )has honed his skills to such an extent that he was even commissioned by the Indian Army to build at scale model of a tank. See some of his creations below.

A scale model of the Bheeshma Tank made of paper and glue

At a TEDx talk – And yes, that gun is also made of paper.

See more photos of his creations here

As he kept getting better, more and more people started asking him if he could design stuff for them.

Now paper modelling is a very labour intensive hobby as all pieces are made by hand.

One day, he made a miniature of a MIG 21 fight jet and stuck it to his glasses. It got noticed by everyone and people started asking him if he could make one for them.

He was only too happy to oblige.

Over time, he perfected the art of making them faster and in larger numbers.


“They (paper planes) are a symbol of hope and reliability. They are strong yet so fragile.”


So if you wear glasses, and would like to dress them up with a Mig 21 fighter air craft, get in touch with him via mail or Whatsapp

Here’s what the jets look like on your glasses.


You can get your own tiny funky piece for just Rs. 350. A Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer is up for orders placed before 15th June

To Order, Email or Call / Whatsapp The Papersmith.