With increasing urbanization and the constant state of construction that Gurgaon is in, air pollution is one of the major problems in our city. To combat this certain indoor plants can help

We wish we could wish it away but it will be a while before things improve.

If you can’t afford air purifiers for each room, here is a simple way to improve the indoor air quality of your home with indoor plants.

Add a mix of these easy-to-maintain house plants – While they may not experience mountain quality air, especially since one 6 to 8 inch high plant is required for an area of about 100 sq. feet, they will make a difference over time. And of course your home will look vibrant and green.

NASA apparently researched this in 1989 and came up with a list of air-filtering plants. Read more about the study here.

Here are some of the plants:

Areca / Bamboo Palm

‘Snake Plant’

Money Plant

Rubber Plant

Spider Plant