Have you had something stolen in Gurgaon? Gurgaon resident Anjali Kanwar had her laptop stolen from her office. Read on to see her experience with Gurgaon Police.

Source: Anjali Kanwar’s facebook post here

Would like to share my first-hand experience with Gurgaon Police – we keep hearing of the uncooperative nature and lack of concern attitude of the Police Force for the common man in our country ; but my experience has been just the opposite !!! smile emoticon

On 4th Oct 2015, I found out that my HP laptop alongwith my charger and its bag (that contained my data back-up disk) had been stolen from my office in DLF phase 3.

My friends advised me to lodge a police complaint by calling up the Women’s Helpline number. My call was promptly answered by a lady who took down my details and informed me that the police would be at my office within 30 minutes. And i was like wow!!! smile emoticon smile emoticon

To my pleasant surprise, the police did arrive within the given time . ASI Raj Pal and Yudhvir Singh came to capture the details. They made their observations and assured me that the case would be dealt with on a priority basis because 2-3 similar cases had occurred in our neighborhood in that past week. I was told to collect the copy of the FIR from DLF Phase 2 police station.

After about 50 minutes of my first call to the police, I received a follow-up call from a nearby PCR van to check if the police had reached my place and met me. Wow smile emoticon Customer Delight smile emoticon

Post that ASI Raj Pal was in touch with me for a couple of days keeping me posted about what they were trying to do to retrieve the laptop.

Not many of us, including me, expect to get our lost laptops or phones back! smile emoticon

Well, on the evening of 3rd Nov 2015, I got a call from ASI Raj Pal ji informing me that they had nabbed the thief who had stolen the electronic gadgets from our neighbourhood and they had recovered laptops and LED TVs from him but my singularly standing out, white-coloured HP Pavilion6 laptop was not there. Raj Pal ji told me that he suspected that mine and a couple of other laptops were in Connaught Place somewhere and he and his team would raid the shops there and try to get the same! Since I was down with a bad bout of viral fever and throat infection, I got some fatherly advice of chewing mulethi and ginger ( caring police – human touch ).

Voila !!! 6th Nov 2015, I was informed by Raj Pal ji that my laptop had been found. smile emoticon
Yyyyaaayyyyy smile emoticon I was elated, went to the DLF Phase 3 police station and found the laptop in a good condition, with all my training content and data intact, not to forget, the Retro Pop Band BoneyM’s CD was there too in the CD drive smile emoticon :);) wink emoticon and I was offered garma garam chai too! wink emoticon

I expressed my gratitude to Raj Pal Singh ji and Yudhvir Singh ji to which Raj Pal ji said, “Madam, we have not done anything special this is our basic duty towards the public,we believe in Karma Yog.”

I got my laptop back – Happy Ending ! smile emoticon I appreciate the efforts of Gurgaon Police !!! Thank You !

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