There are a lot of active citizens in Gurgaon who are working to make this a better place to live in.

One of them is Manas Fuloria – Manas is an avid cyclist and a champion of cycling for commuting to work to reduce car usage  / pollution. He is also a big supporter of Raahgiri Day – a movement to reclaim roads on Sundays from cars.

These days, he is Bogota, Colombia ( where the concept of Raahgiri Day originally started ) and has been tweeting about the great cycling and public transit infrastructure the city has – and maybe one day Gurgaon can have similar public infrastructure.

Well, the average monthly temperature of Bogota is ~ 15 degrees so the consistent pleasant weather also helps in no small measure to aid the cause of cycling.

In Gurgaon, even if we had cycle tracks, I doubt if ‘regular’ people would put up with heat to cycle to work daily. Ofcourse those who have no option do cycle to work everyday, come rain, sun or hail – And I will be happy to be proven wrong if more people start cycling to work once tracks are made.

However, maybe we can make our city more walkable first.

Unlike cycling ( which requires bicycles which most people don’t own ), walking requires only our legs.

Also, a lot of people walk within their complexes and would also walk for short distances if there were proper pavements.

DLF5 is one of the premium localities in Gurgaon where a lot of the well heeled live – Yet, if one has to go for a meal to one of the restaurants in One / Two Horizon Centers from the various apartment complexes nearby, people usually take their cars.

Simply because the pavements are missing.

Take a look at the pictures below.

Entrance to One Horizon Drive

Security Guards at One Horizon Centre wondering why pictures are being taken.

Little Further on Horizon Drive

The footpath has been turned into a pets relieving area outside an apartment complex

The Sector 53 metro station has a pavement but it ends as soon as the station ends

Dogs Relieving Area instead of pavements outside The Pinnacle

Amex Office Parking entrance has usurped a part of the road as their own private road

To it’s credit, the Amex office has a small pavement in front but it sadly ends at the building’s boundary.

This is a time lapse of a walk from Princeton Estate to the Sector 53 Rapid Metro station.

More people would probably walk to the metro station if the pavements were built and maintained, especially outside Genpact’s office on Golf Course Road.

We have these cozy cocoons ( read gated communities ), the interiors of which are well planned and walkable – Why not the exteriors ?

The bigger question is, who is responsible for making DLF5 more walkable ?

Is it DLF ? The MCG ? Or HUDA

Or is it us, the residents of DLF5 who first need to demand it before it can be built – Right now, it seems like a ‘chicken vs egg’ situation.

No one has thought of making it walkable because very few people walk – And very few people walk because it’s not walkable.

You might be wondering why make just DLF5 walkable and not the rest of Gurgaon.

Well, I live here 🙂 and as Lao Tzu said, “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step”

If DLF5 is made walkable, then probably the learnings from this exercise can be used for implementation in the rest of Gurgaon.

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