Did you know that approximately 360 million people across the globe are deaf?

One of the primary means of their communication is the sign language. I believe that learning sign language exempts nobody; it is a universal language.

In order to be a more inclusive society, we should be able to interact with every person effectively.

EnAble India had introduced a one month campaign in September 2016, up to World Deaf Day. It focused on teaching one sign word per day to people. A simple video was published through Whatsapp or e-mail everyday.

If such genuine and effective effort to standardize sign language persists, it will help blend in the deaf community in true sense. Otherwise, someone will always know the half story- be it a person who hears or the one who does not.

Apart from taking baby steps to learn it, sign language can also be integrated by being taught at the primary level.

Just as they learn verbal languages, students can get use to signs too. Besides, this is something which will not be so difficult as a little child begins communicating through signs only.

The basic idea is to just continue working in this direction as actively as EnAble India did in 2016.

It created a beautiful vision of being a whole as an individual as well as a community.

Here is a short video of what was initiated two years ago:-

The campaign was a beacon of hope for a better world. Let’s bring the spirit back, shall we?

Here are a few videos through which you can start learning the basics:-



Also, there are numerous mobile applications like Sign Language For Beginners, Marlee Signs, WeSign Basic, etc that can help you learn the sign language.

So, which sign would you like to learn first?