A lot of us fancy owning a farm – a place to farm our natural veggies and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Unfortunately, the sky high land prices, the lack of knowhow and the hassle of hiring farm labour, buying manure and seeds and other maintenance issues deter most of us.

Now there is an alternative.

Two companies in Gurgaon have launched Rent a Farm schemes – Here’s how it works broadly.

  1. You pay a certain amount of money to rent a piece of land on a farm leased by the company.
  2. The company provides guidance on which vegetables to plant when.
  3. They also provide all the management – think labour, seeds, watering, harvesting
  4. Delivery of a share of the vegetables grown on your piece of land.
  5. You can visit the farm whenever you want – you can either make it a day picnic with your kids in a clean and green environment or get your hands dirty with doing some of the farm work your self.

Here are the companies which are providing it:

1.) OrganicMaati

Organic Maati was started by Deepak Gupta in 2012 with a desire to make organic food and living accessible to the local community. You can read more about them here

Their offering includes:

  • 1 acre farm plot size ( about 44,000 sq ft )
  • Annual Rent of Rs 60,000
  • You get 50% of the vegetables farmed
  • Location: Farms near Sohna ( about an hour’s drive from Gurgaon )

One acre of land is huge and you can get a wide variety of vegetables and pulses through the year – You can also share the produce with your friends / family if you are a small nuclear family.

More About Organic Maati here

2.) Edible Routes

Edible Routes is run by Kapil Mandawewala – The focus at Edible Routes is to kickstart a movement of urban farming by individuals on their terraces. ER conducts learning workshops and helps people setup terrace ‘micro farms’ on their terraces / balconies. They have a test farm at Farm8, Aya Nagar and Farmlets is their latest offering for shared farming.

Their offering includes:

  • 2400 sq. ft farm plot size
  • Rent: Rs 36,992 for 6 months ( Rs 29,992 for first 50 subscribers )
  • Twice a month free home delivery of the veggies grown on your land
  • Location: Near Sultanpur bird sanctuary

More About Farmlets here

Do let us know how the experience is for you, if you do decide to signup.

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