Freshen your kids room decor with a custom wall painting – Get a theme that will ignite their imagination and curiosity and encourage them to express their curiosity.

The idea struck graphic artist, Neetu Mishra, a resident of Gurgaon when her best friend had a baby.

She painted one wall of the child’s room and it was a source of great interest and excitement for the toddler – And as he grew up, he added his own touches to it.

Take a look at some of the pictures below.

If you would like one for your child’s room, you can get in touch with Neetu here or leave a comment below

The First Room – Hand painted with child friend oil paints

The second one – Done for the baby brother.

And the result after a few years from the initial spark – A child who loves ‘painting’ with a lot of happy memories

The walls can be repainted after a few years but the memories will stay much longer 🙂

Get in Touch with Neetu here if this sounds like a fun project.

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