You need to have a learner’s license in order to apply for a permanent driving licence.

Learner’s Licensce :

Learner’s license is for the purpose of learning before the permanent licence is issued. The person must then be tested before a permanent license is granted.

Office :  

Contact your Local Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) i.e. S.D.M.

Eligibility :

  1.  Age eligibility :
    18 years – For Private Vehicles.
    16 years – For vehicles upto 50cc engine capacity & without gear along with consent of parents/ guardian.
    20 years – For Commercial Vehicles.
  2. Conversant with Traffic rules & regulations.


Requirements :

  1. Proof of age : Birth/School Leaving Certificate, Passport, etc.
  2. Proof of residence : Passport, ration card, electoral roll , electricity or telephone bill, etc.
  3. Medical Certificate.
  4. 3 Passport size Photographs
  5. Fee : Rs.60.



  1. Verification of documents.
  2. Color blindness inspection.
  3. Learner test ( 10 multiple objective type questions in 10 minutes. ) – Minimum 6 marks required to pass the test.

Permanent Licence :

Permanent licence is granted after passing the driving test conducted by RTO. The test is conducted after a minimum of 42 days from the date of issue of the learner’s licence.

If the applicant doesn’t manage to pass the test, He can still request for a retest after a minimum of 7 days from the last test.

Office :  

Contact your Local Sub Divisional Officer (Civil) i.e. S.D.M.

Requirements :

  1. 3 Passport size photographs.
  2.  Fee : Rs. 400/-.

Procedure :

Applicant has to undergo a driving test after all the verification of the documents is done, for which he has to bring his vehicle.Applicant needs to a skilled driver and familiar with all the traffic rules and automobile features.