Here is a list of HUDA Offices of Gurgaon who are responsible for various civic functions.

1. Administrator, HUDA, Gurgaon – Shri Yashpal
 HUDA Complex, Sec-14, Gurgaon
 P.No 0124-2321650
 Email: [email protected]
2. Estate Officer-I, HUDA, Gurgaon
HUDA Complex, Sec-14, Gurgaon.
P.No. 0124-2321253 Email: [email protected]
3. Estate Office-II, HUDA, Gurgaon
City Center, Sec.56, Gurgaon.
P.No. 0124-2571343-45 Email: [email protected]
4. S.E., Gurgaon-I S.E. . HUDA Complex, Sec-14, Gurgaon
PNo 0124-2323881 Email: [email protected]
5. S.E. Gurgaon-II S.E. HUDA Complex, Sec-15,
Gurgaon. P.No. 0124-2305644 Email: [email protected]
6. XEN Office Div.I,
  Shopping Complex, Sec-15, Gurgaon
 Ph 0124-2320122 Email: [email protected]
7. XEN Office Div.II,  HUDA Complex, Sec-14,
Gurgaon Ph 0124-2322995 Email: [email protected]
XEN Office Div.IV,
8 XEN Office Div.III,
 HUDA Complex, Sec-14,
Gurgaon Ph. 0124-2328736 Email: [email protected]
9.XEN-IV  HUDA Water Works, Sec-9A,
Gurgaon Ph. 0124-2251510 Email: [email protected]
10. XEN Office Div.V,
 Nursery School Building, MBlock, South City-I,
Gurgaon Ph. 0124-2381140 Email: [email protected]
11. XEN Office Div.VI,
XEN-VI Shopping Complex, Sec-15,
Gurgaon Ph 0124-2308031 Email:  [email protected]
12.XEN Hort. Office,
XEN-Hort. HUDA Nursery, Sec-14,
Gurgaon Ph 0124-2321319 Email: [email protected]
13. XEN Elect.,  Shopping Complex, Sec-15,
Gurgaon Ph 0124-2301616 Email:  [email protected]