Every time we are stuck in traffic, we grumble about the traffic congestion and sit there helplessly (or change lanes frantically to save a few seconds )

What most of fail to realise is that WE are the traffic and we are responsible to a large extent for the mess.

If all of us followed traffic rules (changed lanes with indicators, stayed in the right lane to make a turn, OR did not stay in the right lane if we have to go straight, didn’t overtake from the left, taught our drivers the traffic rules, didn’t park haphazardly, etc) the situation would probably be much smoother.

The Gurgaon Traffic Police can only do so much, considering how short staffed it is.

As an active citizen, you can now do your bit – Here is how.

Next time you see someone violating a traffic rule, take a picture or make a short video and either email or whatsapp it to Gurgaon Police.

Save these details:

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp No: 9999981800

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