It is rightly said that every cloud has a silver lining. An initiative has been taken at Bhondsi jail to find that silver lining for inmates, in order to reform them.

Prisoners are being taught music to develop their talents at Bhondsi Jail, Haryana, so they follow a better means of livelihood.

This also works in helping them pacify disturbing past memories.

This initiative proceeded with the name ‘Project Dhun’, and is being taken up with genuine dedication.

A room is specially designed to carry out musical sessions. While this approach is yielding beautiful results, word is out that more forms of art will be used for enhancing wellbeing.

An inmate who was selected for first batch of training admitted that he’d never thought he could sing so well. Most importantly, he enjoyed the process of preparation and auditions.

Here is a picture of inmates selected for training at the launch ceremony:- 

In a place where prisoners are known to be given a hard time, even the idea of this step is heart warming.

Such positive measures work wonders in changing lives of prisoners, and hopefully the face of society in long term. Respect and dignity is always received well by inmates.

The word is out that soon more types of creative pursuits will be included in rehabilitation programs.
Which art form do you want it to be next?

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