Republic Day, like most national holidays in India is treated like another holiday. The ones from whom it’s not a holiday are those tasked with setting up Republic Day functions. Parents of young children also try and take them to the functions so that they grow up to be conscious and active citizens.

However, how many of us are really active citizens in India ?

We crib and moan about the sad state of affairs but most of do squat to help fix it.

Just as our Constitution ( btw, the 26th of January, or Republic Day is when it came into effect in 1950 and India moved to a democratic model of governance ) establishes our Fundamental rights, it also sets out a set of duties which we as citizens of India should follow.

Take a look at this video by Vinita Singh, Trustee of ‘We The People‘ to know how we all can become Active Citizens and help create a better India.

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