Who wants to socialize by nights-out when colours can bring a whole city together?

A group of youngsters in Mumbai have taken the initiative to paint various areas of the city.  ‘Chal Rang De‘ as it’s called includes all those who are interested in lending a hand as volunteers, aims to make Mumbai a more colourful city.

Apart from the aesthetic reason of making Mumbai more beautiful, it also serves a practical purpose – It protects the houses painted from rain and other vagaries of nature and adds cheer to the lives of people who can’t afford to get their homes and surrounding areas painted.

The enthusiastic volunteers initially swarmed into slums of Asalpha and transformed them with their brushes like pixies.

By leisurely producing forms of art using simple colours, they have managed to create an Indian version of Positano.

The jolly drawings and designs have directly made lives of people living there much brighter. This is what Asalpha slums look like now:- 

How beautiful is it when your actions not only make a place look better, but also improves the daily existence of people residing there?

In its next project, the Chal Rang De team not only manage to beautify slums of Khar, but also helped inhabitants with interior living conditions. With this little move, volunteers have opened their hearts to empowering slum villagers as well.

The most pleasing point is that anybody can be a part of this pursuit. We don’t have to be master painters for this; Being imaginative and having an open mind is key. 

Another fun concept which these cool change-makers have introduced is of street museums! Any person who feels like expressing through colours or simply creating a pattern will find a canvas available at all hours of a day. Efforts are being made to create Mumbai a city where art exists like air, and the results are making everyone truly happy.

Here is an intriguing time-lapse of Chal Rang De’s work in Khar. It will make you fall for the warmth and magnificence of a painted town.


Street art is also making it’s presence felt in Delhi / NCR.

While the Lodhi Art District has been there for quite a time, the Arjangarh Metro Station makeover is a pleasant sight for daily commuters. Here are some pictures of the Arjangarh metro station on the Delhi / Gurgaon border  below

Should we also try and bring some additional to our city as well. Which area of Gurgaon would you like to see painted first ?

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