We all know that pollution, waste management, global warming etc are major problems in India.

Till a few years back, it seemed like a far away problem – However, today one only needs to breathe the air in Delhi to realise that the problem is here.

And while we whine about it on social media, we also think ( and hope ) that the government or somebody else will solve it.

Well somebody else hasn’t caused the problem, and someone else will also most likely not solve it.

We are the problem – Our new consumerist culture is at the same time, improving and degrading our lives.

So we need to find sustainable solutions that move humanity forward but also make the world a better place for us and our kids.

The Massive Earth Summit 2018 is an attempt to create a platform for dialogue between experts, thought leaders, captains of industry, politicians, policy makers and investors.

To align capital and intelligence to identify solutions to really big problems – and solve them instead of just activism.

If you are passionate about reducing pollution / waste management / sustainable energy, housing & agriculture solutions, do consider attending the summit.

Date: 6th of June, 9:45 am to 7pm
Location: New Delhi
Register here: https://www.massivesummit.org

Incase you are unable to attend, but would like to get involved, consider applying to / volunteering with the Go Massive Incubator ( The organisers of the summit )

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