A few days back, journalist Achlendra Katiyar had tweeted a photograph of two cabs with the same number place, parked next to each other in Gurgaon.

The Gurgaon Police was tagged.

A lot of people commented on the tweets –Β Some said the image was photoshopped.Β Some said nothing will be done about it. Others mostly ignored it.

Today, the Gurgaon Police tweeted this.

Apparently, there is a postal challenging system which the police use to send notices to offenders via post.

And this matter is being investigated and the offending person has been apprehended and will be produced in court.

A lot of us disillusioned with the system – However, we are part of the system ( and to a large extent the problem )

However, incidents like these give a lot of hope and go a long way in building trust between the citizens and state.

Imagine if the person who took the first photograph had not bothered to do so ?

So the next time, you see something, say something. You would have at-least done your part.

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