Doing the Triund Trek had been on the wishlist for quite a while.

Perhaps it will remain one of the greatest mysteries of my life as to how me and my best friends of nearly 8 years couldn’t plan a successful trip in all this time.

The list of our failed conquests  is filled with all the “Dil Chahta Hai” cliches imaginable, whether it is the buddy Goa trips,  or the quintessential road trip to the parantha centers of Murthal.

So, it came to my immense surprise how effortlessly we managed to find a common slot of days between the three of us and were done with all the bookings within a couple of days !

Given the crazy summer heat, a weekend at the hills up north seemed like the best option. After pouring through pages and pages from various trip aggregator sites, we found an affordable option in a tour spanning the city of Dharmsala and the Triund Trek.

With an overnight bus journey taking around 10 hours from Delhi, we reached the McLeodganj Bus Stop for Day 1 of our trip.

A good view!

Due to a packed schedule, we decided to skip breakfast to visit the picturesque HPCA stadium in Kangra and  engaged in some boyhood shenanigans.

The next stop was our hotel at a half hour cab ride, The Lodge hotel in McLeodganj where we were welcomed with a heartwarming brunch and a room with a fantastic view!

The hotel is situated on a nearby hill that was enroute to our afternoon spent in the trek towards Bhagsu Falls.

There should’ve been a stream of water here. But nature was not in our favor, unfortunately.

The waterfall has fallen victim to the plight of water shortage of the region. However, there is enough for tourists to flock over and have a good splash.

The following evening was spent exploring the local markets of McLeodganj and some light shopping for pretty house decorations items.

We enjoyed a decent dinner and took a siesta to recharge before the daunting trek the next day. Our hotel was kind enough to store our baggage for the duration of the trek and also to connect with a good camping group to find a suitable package for ourselves.

(Tip: Try talking to the cab drivers at the bus stop, these people double up as agents for camping groups).

Our camping site.

Day 2 of our journey was possibly the most challenging one, also the most fulfilling one too!

The Triund trek is relatively famous as a beginner’s trek and is a big part of the tourism campaign of the state. It’s not too expensive and there are adequate amenities and services all along the way to the summit.

It took us around 4 hours to complete the uphill struggle starting at around 11 am and it was followed by an evening of community mingling and a boozy bonfire, cut short by heavy rains which went on till midnight.

The next morning (Day 3) involved a ice cold glacial water bath for those who dared, and a light breakfast to begin the near 2-3 hour descent down.

Worth a throwback.

We reached the city area after our cab ride back to the hotel by early afternoon.

The remaining of our last day was spent visiting the famous monasteries and a wonderful late lunch at the Illiterati cafe in McLeodganj. I genuinely recommend this place for anyone who gets a chance to visit the city.

Also, shout out to our awesome cab driver for entertaining us with his wit and music throughout the vacation.

Another overnight bus journey took us back and we were in our homes in Gurgaon by 5 am. Not too shabby for a 3-day weekend.

One within the skies and the hills.

A few recommendations if you fancy a similar trip:

  • You don’t need to pack warm clothes. The place is warm enough for shorts and tees. Pack a hoodie if you prefer precaution.
  • Take an extra small bag if you cannot carry a bulky rucksack on the trek.
  • Be careful with the substances you carry, it is common to undergo strict checking at police posts.
  • Pre-book whatever you can, including the camp facilities. It’s usually cheaper and one doesn’t have the capacity to negotiate too much after a steep climb of a couple of hours. The total trip cost us about 8000/- per head.
  • Food options aren’t much, though the cafes are located at beautiful spots.
  • There are no Ubers there, so either hold onto one driver for the whole trip or prepare to fork out a lot of cash!
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