Gurgaon currently does not have an operational waste management plant or any systems or processes for Garbage Disposal in a sustainable manner.

Gurgaon is also partially developed, which means there are still vast swathes of land on which people dump their garbage.

Watch the video below where Bhawani Shankar Tripathi, General Secretary of the Sector 23A RWA shares how a 6.5 acre plot is being used to indiscriminately dump garbage and create a very unhealthy environment for residents living in the area.

What can we do as residents ?

1.) Constantly keep petitioning our local leaders / MCG officers to clean up their act

2.) Reduce our waste: If you think about it, it is we who are creating the waste. Try and reduce the usage of plastic bags and REUSE as much as possible.

Another thing which all of us can do is WASTE SEGREGATION.

If we only separate our wet kitchen waste and try to create compost out of it, it will not only reduce overall garbage by a huge amount but also enable us to get natural organic compost for growing vegetables / flowers in our own homes.

If you think somebody else will solve the problem and it will go away on it’s own, think again.

We all need to act because the garbage just does not sit there idle – People light it on fire which causes air pollution which then spreads to the rest of the city and impacts us more than we think it does.

Just ask any asthmatic or a child who has developed a breathing problem in Gurgaon.