Everyone is welcome at the Community Library Project in Sikandarpur, Gurgaon.

The Community Library Project is an initiative to establish well-working, free public libraries for everyone.

Our world needs such places because of course, no individual should be deprived of reading or acquiring knowledge. The Sikandarpur Public Library is set up in collaboration with the NGO, Agrasar.

The Community Library Project is successful to this date in helping 600 members from in and around Sikandarpur area. Various books for adults are available too; You can access these books free of cost.

The hope is to stimulate critical and imaginative thinking in people by providing them opportunity to read.

It is rightly said in ‘The Book Thief’ that Words are life.

If you are fond of books and like to help the society, there is good news for you. The Community Library Project is also looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help educate underprivileged children in their Sikandarpur Public Library.

An entire section is organized with books for children. You can take out time flexibly from your schedule and devote few hours a week to conduct various sessions with children. These sessions will include interesting read aloud programs, reading fluency programs, poetry workshops and special events.

This has proved to be an effective way to ensure that available books are properly being utilized by young minds.

The good side here is not only received by little ones, but you as a contributor carry a boon of virtue and satisfaction as well. If you are looking for a personality enhancement, volunteering will help because a lot of emphasis is put on leadership skills.

You are free to donate books which are not worn out, damaged or marked. While mostly Hindi books are preferred, English ones are also accepted if they are in great condition.

As Henry Miller says, “A book lying idle on a shelf is a wasted ammunition. Like money, books should be kept in constant circulation. Lend and borrow to the maximum.”


Read more about the process and apply as a Volunteer here

For further information about The Community Library Project visit their website www.thecommunitylibraryproject.org

Sikandarpur Library Address:-
The Community Library Project
Aravali Scholars
House no 40, Sikanderpur,DLF phase 1
Haryana – 122002

 E-mail [email protected]  if you have any additional questions.