Do you like talking on the mobile phone while driving ?

Or speeding through the roads merrily jumping red lights ?

Or going all macho after that night out thinking ‘you can drive drunk’ and proceeding to do, in the process not only endangering your own life but those of others on the road.

Think again, because the Government of Haryana has now started suspending licenses of people who break the above rules.

Your license can be suspended for 3 months and if you continue to drive without a license, you will then go to jail.

It’s a welcome move because it will work as a much effective deterrent in getting people to obey laws instead of just paying a fine (The pain of paying the fine goes away almost immediately, but being without driving privileges is pretty painful and the lessons learnt almost stay for life)

Transport Department Haryana - License Suspension

So drive safer folks and follow the rules 🙂